New York City Subway Map'Do you have a coffee maker?'

Not a day passes where we do not get this question. Did you know that IKEA changes nothing in their catalogues for different countries, BUT the 'coffee maker'?

What does that mean? It means 'coffee maker' means something completely different for you, depending on where you grew up and in which country you live in!

Our apartments are located in NYC, aptly called the 'melting pot of nations'. You would encounter a different coffee maker, whether your hosts are Russian, German, Turkish or French.

Part of the experience of staying in an apartment, rather than a hotel (where you might encounter a pack of instant coffee with a hot water maker, if you are lucky) is that you get to experience something different.

All our apartments are located within a 1min walk to take-out coffee - the local brew. Not only that, they all feature some means of brewing your own at your vacation home. Within a 5 min walk you will be able to purchase every means of making coffee, should that particular device available in the apartment not suffice your demands.

'Are you saying you do not know what type you have in the apartment?!'
Exactly! Since our guests do purchase (and sometimes ruin) specific devices it is very hard to keep up with with which device is where.

So, yes, we do have a coffee maker, it might just not be the one that you are used to at home!

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